The self-confidence that a student develops at BRITE KIDZ KINDERGARTEN SCHOOL isn't superficial it lasts a lifetime.

Brite Kidz kindergarten playway school promoted by Ashoka Educational Society & research (regd.) super headed by Mr. kamal Gupta Gupta. Ashoka Educational Society & research (regd.) begans its journey in 1995. The educational society has wide experience in he feild of Education, retail industry, real estate development and has various projects to its credit which have become its landmark with the passage of time. With its vast & rich experience, the Ashoka Educational Society & research (regd.) has formulated a stategy for future growth of this yound edifice of education by entering into the pre-primary education & launching Brite Kidz kindergarten playway school.Brite kidz caters to the educational & upbringing needs of the children between 2-5 years.


We honestly adhere to the belief that early childhood should be a period for the child to indulge in the maximum number of recreational and pleasurable activities. However, in today's extremely competitive scenario these very precious years too need guidance in terms of letting the child develop a perception towards learning/reasoning and inculcate basic behavioural skills. We provide a constructive and organised learning environment where the child is introduced to indispensable learning methods such as self-exploration and realisation. There is a very basic ideology to this approach , we want to stimulate the young minds so that they become more receptive to the concept of education and soaking up knowledge, preparing them for the more conventional and extremely competitive mode of education that lies ahead. Due to their very young mindsets, Preschool children are naturally very impressionable, curious and creative. We, at BRITE KIDZ constantly strive to further nurture these fundamental characteristics in our students through playful learning. This is why our teaching method doesn't insist upon imposing a classroom regimen on the students. Instead, our teachers are focussed upon understanding the learning aptitude of each student and then further refine it through a selective assortment of classroom and outdoor activities. We believe that discipline should be instilled among children when they are very young and they are able to soak it up much easily as it becomes a part of their growing up. In order to achieve this, we follow a school uniform across all our branches. This develops a sense of fairness among the students and helps to curb any sub-conscious orientation towards discriminating each other. This example underlines our curriculum's comprehensive approach that encourages emotional development of the child besides academic success.


BRITE KIDZ is dedicated in ensuring that the child is provided an environment that is most conducive to catalyse the child's physical, cerebral, emotional and social development. Children of this age group are very impressionable and thus, the knowledge and skills imparted during these formative years play a pivotal role in deciding the kind of individual a child would develop into, not just from an academic perspective but even when it comes to gaining emotional intelligence/maturity and being able to deal with challenges that life has to offer. The experienced and qualified educators at BRITE KIDZ make sure that a child is provided a vast range of planned and professionally-chosen, yet fun-filled activities, that help him learn through a constant process of self-exploration. Our In-house team of authors has scripted more than 200 titles till date and each of them has been conceptualised with a viewpoint of offering a curriculum that is able to engage a child's attention, making sure that a student never feels compelled to lean in our campus.


We have developed a Preschool environment that is competent of addressing most issues that Preschool children present. The idea is to provide children with an unrestricted option of activities to choose from and then help them identify their preferences or dislikes and then refining their preferences in a more productive manner. We use a combination of traditional preschool favourite activities such Art and Dance programs and the latest that the world of multimedia has to offer to ensure that the child doesn't develop a sense of discomfort with the things that would soon make up his surrounding. This in turn, makes the child more dexterous and positive in his approach when it comes to accomplishing a task no matter how difficult it is again, a tool that every child should have as they make the transition from being a preschooler to a school-going student to a grown-up individual. At our Play schools, a child is introduced to a world where companionship and sharing become a daily routine. This forms the basis of a child's ability to function in a social environment beyond the familiarity of his home and the process of being socially adept gradually gains momentum. The whole environment is such that it inspires curiosity in a child and this is invariably followed with a lot of queries. We make sure that these queries are answered and explained in the most encouraging manner. The sheer quality of the interaction that the child undergoes is sufficient in guaranteeing that the most critical aspects of growing up like developing an academic aptitude and becoming emotionally mature are taken care of.


One of the most crucial and defining factor concerning the competency of a pre school campus is its Infrastructure. This is simply because the layout of the pre school construction and the various facilities that it provides invariably decides the effectiveness of its curriculum. This is why, at BRITE KIDZ
. We have structured our classrooms and outdoor spaces in such a manner that there is ample space to provide safe and free movement for the children. . We have ensured that our classrooms design sticks to the idea of smaller student/teacher ratios and are well-lit with both natural and artificial light and are well-ventilated.
. Seating arrangement has been designed in such a manner that it is conducive for child to be seated with a good posture and the teachers can maintain a constant vigil in the classrooms.
. The outdoor space is secured as any outside interference is discouraged and any supposed or apparent source of possible injury is removed, making the campus safe.
. Each building has been constructed adhering to the most stringent of safety standards including making the entire campus equipped with fire and electrical safety norms.
. Our play schools have been conceptualised and built in a bright, multi-coloured and attractive format in order to invigorate a child mind.